General Information about Dual/Tri Meets and Tournaments
There are two types of competition your wrestler will participate in: DUAL/TRI MEETS and TOURNAMENTS. In Dual/Tri meets, the entire club wrestles one or two other clubs in our league, the Inter-County Wrestling League, which has over 40 member clubs from six counties.

Tournaments are optional. All wrestlers are encouraged, but not required, to participate in as many tournaments as possible. We will attempt to provide Conestoga coaching for your wrestler at other tournaments if you notify us they have entered.

Dual/Tri Meet Information
All wrestlers MUST be present by the time listed on the schedule, unless otherwise notified by the club. Attendance is important to assure that all wrestlers from each club have at least one match for the morning. The match schedule is prepared several days in advance and is based on all wrestlers being present.Wrestling typically begins at approximately 8:45 am and will last 2-3 hours. All wrestlers are encouraged to stay for the entire morning since most dual meets will allow for several matches per wrestler. We frequently add matches during the morning to adjust for no-shows or to make up for matches which turned out uncompetitive. It is important for team spirit to support your teammates while they are wrestling. At home meets we will post a list of the matches scheduled for each mat. You should check all the lists because a wrestler may not have all matches on the same mat. No shows and other problems can cause changes before we start, and even during the meet. Wrestlers should stay close to the mats, cheering their teammates, learning by watching, and being available to the coaches as their next match approaches. If you do not see the wrestler's name on any of the lists notify one of your coaches immediately. Roll will be taken within 15 minutes of arrival time. Parents want to be close to the mat cheering their wrestler on. In the past this has lead, in some instances, to an atmosphere more appropriate to pit bulls. Please remember, these are young children and all that screaming at them from close range is intimidating and unfair to the competitor. As spectators, let us show the same level of sportsmanship we are trying to teach our children. Good behavior is required and no wrestlers are permitted beyond the designated area at each location. Conestoga team wrestling uniform (singlet) is to be worn. Middle School wrestlers may wear their school uniform. Headgear is required –  your child will not be allowed to compete without it. Headgear can be obtained at any sporting goods store or on the Internet. Also a mouth guard is required for wrestlers with braces.

Tournament Information
Parents are responsible for the following to register their wrestler in a tournament:
Completion and timely mailing of the registration form including entry fee. Generally forms can be obtained from the website on the calendar page. Virtually all tournaments have entry deadlines and limits on number of entries. They will accept late entries only if it conveniences them.
Designation of age and weight brackets. Wrestlers will be weighed at practice. Parents must follow the weight of their son/daughter during the season since most children will grow and their weight may change. All wrestlers must weigh-in and make weight the morning of the tournament, though some tournaments, including our own, have evening before weigh-ins.

The club discourages children at this age from losing weight to make a certain bracket.
Most tournaments will not change the weight class entered if the wrestler fails to weigh in at his entered weight, so it is important that the entry be correct. There is nothing more disappointing than getting up early, traveling to a tournament and not being allowed to wrestle. Do not expect a break on this, even at our own tournament. Be realistic about the entry weight since the risk of not making weight is probably not worth the marginal benefit of wrestling slightly lighter competitors. Transportation to and from and supervision at tournaments are the parents' responsibilities.