• Visit school website for cancellation information. 

  • If there is an unexpected cancellation of practice the coaches will attempt to email everyone on the roster for that group.

  • Practice times vary slightly from group to group, so consult the roster for times.

  • Please get your wrestler to practice on time. It is disruptive to have wrestlers straggle in when practice has already started.

  • Please be prompt when picking them up from practice since, if a parent is late, a volunteer coach has to wait because we cannot leave a child unattended.

  • We are fortunate to have the use of the facilities. We appreciate their support and do not want to abuse it. Please help us to teach the wrestlers respect for school property.

  • Proper practice clothing is a snug t-shirt and gym shorts. Loose clothing can snag a finger. Loose clothing makes it difficult for the young wrestler to see and develop a sense of body position of themselves and their opponent. Street clothes are not acceptable. Buttons, zippers, belts, etc. present a danger for injury. Watches and jewelry should not be brought to practice since they will have to be removed and then may be left behind and lost.

  • Special wrestling shoes are preferred but not required.You may not want to make the investment on new shoes until you are sure your wrestler will stay the season. Used wrestling shoes may be available within the club, ask around, and if you have them post a note at a meet or let us know to put it in a newsletter. Used shoes are generally in good shape because their use has been limited to indoor surfaces and only for wrestling. If your wrestler is not going to use wrestling shoes, then the thinnest soled sneakers are best so they will have a "feel" for the mat. Heavy, thick basketball shoes are great for absorbing the impact of running and jumping, but just don't work for wrestling.